Applications and Cost

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Applications and Cost

Great project, I can see how this would be incredibly useful for public health departments and the general public! As someone who used to work for a county to test water bodies weekly, I found it to require large amounts of resources (man hours, fuel, vehicles, etc.) and we could never test an entire body of water. Have you done any preliminary cost comparisons to what governments or lake managers spend on things like this? Especially if you could add other types of testing that local govt's require, you could have an incredible pitch to get health departments on board. Would love to hear more! Keep up the great work

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I thought this would be a great project for large bodies of water that have frequent blooms! Would the drone have the capability to determine when a bloom had ended? I also wondered if the drone would be permanently stationed in one lake/reservoir, and about how much of the lake would the drone be able to sample within a given time frame? I grew up near a very large lake that had harmful blooms only in specific locations, so if this drone were deployed to the lake it might miss a bloom in one area if it didn't traverse the lake quickly enough. I assume the solution would be to have multiple drones on very large bodies of water?

Thank you for your professional insight onto our project. We unfortunately have not conducted any cost analysis from the consumer's side. We have yet only conducted comparative cost analysis for parts used in the drone. We will surely look more into the specific needs for government agencies so as to better cater to their needs. We appreciate you taking time in studying our project and giving us your valuable feedback.