Biogas Applications and Partnerships

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Biogas Applications and Partnerships

Incredibly interesting project! Wishing you the best as you continue with your research. As you develop more efficient purification processes, have you been considering the potential applications in communities? For existing biogas producing systems around the county (landfills, wastewater plants, etc) there are different ways to use the gas, through selling to utilities, local buses, or waste trucks - is there a specific use that you hope to feed, and do you have to consider regulations for those uses?

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As part of this research, we are partnering with landfill facilities in Florida, namely the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County (West Palm Beach, FL) and the Orange County Utilities (Orlando, FL). The combined population of these counties is nearly 3M. In the final phase of our research in the upcoming months, we are going to test our materials with real landfill gas provided by our partners. These landfill facilities currently use the recovered landfill gas for heat and power cogeneration, after minor processing. The implementation of our idea, however, may help them produce high-purity biomethane for injection into natural gas grids. The regulatory considerations are important; however, they fall outside the focus of the current project.