Field Deployment

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Field Deployment

Very interesting project, I can see how it would be a valuable resource when trying to get an accurate understanding of water quality when out in the field. You may still be working through this, but how transportable do you expect your system to be? From your video, you seem to have a lot of moving parts and I'm impressed that you're working to make this work field-deployable. Excited to see the future of this work!

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Our goal is for the entire apparatus to be contained in a 4x3ft box. Our thought is to power the unit with a water turbine in the adjoining stream. The current outlook is for the device to stay in the field over a long period of time to monitor changes in bacteria concentration with data being recovered remotely. In total, not mobile per say, but low cost enough for several deployments. Thank you for taking the time to read through our progress. It is satisfying to get the work out into the world.

-Jesse Duran