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Melissa AM-EPA
Interesting project

Hi! I enjoyed learning about your project.
Can you share how having a P3 team of undergraduate and graduate students and in different disciplines added to your project, please?
I'm really interested in your plans for community engagement - any key networks you plan to partner or collaborate with once you have completed your experiments? Perhaps leveraging the sustainable school yard/gardening programs or the master gardener networks could be a good way to share your work? K-12 students would very much enjoy hearing from your team about how you're using science to tackle and environmental issue in a sustainable manner and bringing another dimension to their school building off their school garden to show how much of a learning environment it can be!
Keep up the great work!

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Congrats to the NYU P3 team. I am fascinated by your project and love the idea. I look forward to seeing more of your results!


Thank you for your support!


Hi there, Melissa! We're so glad you enjoyed learning about the project. I apologize for the later reply (I wrote you a response earlier but I think I didn't post it properly).
For your first question, having a diverse age range within the group has only enhanced our group's ability to overcome challenges. The participating graduate students have and continue to impart invaluable knowledge and expertise to the undergraduates just as a result of their lab and research experience. Additionally, our diversity in academic disciplines and interests has really proved to be a strong point as we can address challenges in our project through so many different lenses.
As our work continues, we'd really like to work with local urban farms in or around New York to talk about different composting and waste disposal protocols. We have strong relations with several, but a group called We Are the New Farmers is a likely partner as the founders are alumni of NYU. But we'd definitely love to work with community gardens and even local schools to educate students about the work we're doing as far as composting and vertical farming.
Thank you for your comments!

Melissa AM-EPA

Thanks for your reply! Excellent that you already have connections with several potential partners.
Good luck with the Expo to you and your teammates!