Nutrients Captured

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Nutrients Captured

This is an awesome idea! The video was great and very informative. In your lab tests, what percentage of wastewater nutrients were you able to capture, on average? How do you think that would compare to if/when you scale up to filtering in larger, real-life volumes?

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Very cool concept! I'm fascinated by the prospects of your project. I'm interning at a mine site where we treat our wastewater with nitrification and denitrification because the explosives used underground produce high concentrations of nitrogen as nitrates. Which inspires some of my questions: What is the maximum flow your Electro-Assisted Wastewater Nutrient Recovery system can handle? And can that flow fluctuate? Could you operate the scaled up process in all four seasons? (Winter can be harsh up here in Montana) have you looked into whether this process is cost effective compared to current nitrogen removing processes? Thanks you, -Kris Bosch