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Dear University of California - Riverside,
Amazing presentation! I have a question about the solar energy aspect. Where would the solar panels be placed in order to desalinate the water? Could you also explain the Venturi tube and its main purpose? Thank you!
Sincerely, Sagar Patel

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Hello, thank you for your regards and questions!
An area on-site would be chosen for solar panels based on the sites individual topography, such as within a backyard or any accessible area. An evaporation pond is designed to be placed underneath the solar panels, so it is limited to areas where the brine liquid can be reasonably held.

The Venturi tube works by Bernoulli's principle, where the a tube has a larger opening in comparison to the throat in the center. As the fan blows the air through this tube, it forces the fluid to gain speed and simultaneously drop in pressure, related to the drop in the cross-sectional area. This brings pressure below the saturation vapor pressure of water, allowing the pre-heated water to boil, using less energy input than at atmospheric pressure. Utilization of a Venturi tube therefore allows for more efficient water recovery than using heat input alone.