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Very interesting topic! Why has the contamination of sediments and soils from PFAS been so largely unaddressed until now? I had not thought about the impact of fire fighting foams used on the ground. What other examples are there of PFAS being directly spread onto the soil?
Thanks so much!

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Thank you for your comment.

Addressing your question as PFAS contamination is a relatively new problem and quite complex one. The industry is currently prioritizing the protection of the drinking water supplies and human health first, considering other objectives such as reducing risk to ecological receptors and environmental resources, liability, source area mass, mass flux, and generation of PFAAs from precursors. Thus major research and focus of field treatment have been limited to the drinking water supplies ( and impacted groundwater sources). However, the point of entry for PFAS into the environment at the various sites (e..g fire training site) is the ground surface (and hence soil). Soil is a universal sink and source for contaminants as well.
We believe that no commercially viable technology can currently remediate PFAS contamination soil, and various other challenges associated with it (such as the Analytical method for PFAS in soil are under development, cost of treatment).
Other sources for PFAS atmospheric deposition, exposure to impacted media (for example, landfill leachate or biosolids) and direct discharge (such as chemical release from the manufacturing site).