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Awesome research platform and I admire the involvement in the local high schools! I am very excited to see if these wattles can be implemented in more locations.
Has the team done any research or testing on comparing the lifespan of the biochar wattles versus a normal wattle used on construction sites? I am curious to see if the biochar wattles have a shorter or longer lifespan.
Thanks so much!

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Thank you for your question Kayla,

We have not compared lifespans of the different wattles, but we intend to! Normal wattle that are currently used on our urban storm drains in Butte, MT are constructed of a plastic or nylon netting to contain straw or gravel and should be replaced yearly. We hope to produce wattles that have a similar duration but we will have to look into it. For our purposes, materials such as plastic or nylon are undesirable because they degrade in sunlight overtime. At our remote site, we intend on testing environmentally benign materials such as cotton burlap that won't leave behind messy plastic litter when they degrade.

I hope that answers your question!
-Kris Bosch