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James Gentry

What an important topic and impressive project! Curious what your ideas are of future applications and next steps are for this project after the completion of your P3 award?

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Thank you for your question James! As for next steps, we are currently working in our university's Summer Collaborative Undergraduate Research program to investigate the SERS activity of different substrates and nanoparticles, such as silver, graphene and silver-coated gold. In addition, we want to see if we can increase the amount of lead ions trapped by applying an electric field to the substrate. By improving the accuracy of this method and aiming to maintain a relatively low cost, we can see our method being applied, owned, and maintained by a community--as opposed to kits purchased and used by individuals. The equipment would ideally be kept in some sort of community center, where samples can be brought and tested by members of the community employed and trained to do so. Or, if individuals are unable to bring samples to said community center, that someone would be dispatched to retrieve them.