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Air, Climate & Energy
Project Title Region
Capturing Solar Energy with Quantum Dots 6
Green Plasma Technology for Siloxane Removal and Landfill Gas Upgrade 4
Machine Learning Calibrated Low-Cost Sensing 6
Single-stage Process for Biogas Purification 4
VOC Sensors for ppb-Level Detection and Speciation 3
Safe and Sustainable Water Resources
Project Title Region
Advancing Next Generation Genomic Tools for Detection of Naegleria Fowleri in Potable Water 6
Biochar Filter for Philadelphia Water Pb Removal 3
Biochar Wattle for Enhanced Surface Water Quality 8
Biochar-Geomedia Water Filter for the Colonias, South Texas 6
Biodegradation of Microplastics in Water Treatment 5
Biodegradation of PFASs from Groundwater and Soil 8
Biofilters to Effectively Remove Toxins 7
Cryptosporidium Capture in Sewage Impacted Waters 4
Desalination using 2D MoS2 Nano-solar Evaporator 4
Distributed Fiber-optic Turbidity Sensor Network 4
Efficient Solar-Driven Water Desalination Based on Nanomaterial Design 8
Electro-Assisted Wastewater Nutrient Recovery 9
Electroactive Point-of-Use Filter for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Contaminant Removal 4
Field-Deployable Droplet Digital PCR System for the Rapid Detection of Waterborne Bacterial Pathogens 8
Functionalized Membranes for Removal of PFAS 4
Green & Sustainable Water Purification Membranes 4
GSI-Informed Urban Groundwater Monitoring Networks 5
HAB Early Mitigation by Magnetic Photocatalysts 5
Increased Sensitivity for Lead Detection in Drinking Water Using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy 5
Induction-Surface-Heating Membrane Distillation 2
Low-cost Household Water Filter for PFAS Removal 4
MAP-HABS: An Innovative Platform for the Early and Ongoing Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms 8
Microwave-Catalytic Membrane for PFAS Degradation 2
Perstraction for the Removal of PFAs from Water 5
Portable Desalination System Using Renewable Energy 3
Practical PFAS Treatment with Sawdust 5
Removal of Cyanotoxins by Multifunctional Biochars 6
Simple and Inexpensive Paper-Based Assay for Lead 3
Small-Scale Solar Desalination for Drinking Water 9
Solar Window for Water Collection and Purification 1
Solar-Energy-Combined Desalination Systems 6
Solving the Arsenic Problem in Rural California 9
Tertiary Wastewater Treatment through Aquaponics 8
Wet Wipes That Turn into Toilet Paper When Flushed 5
Wetland and Peroxide Treated Harmful Algal Blooms 3
Sustainable and Healthy Communities
Project Title Region
Converting Crop Waste into Construction Material 9
Cool and Sustainable Sidewalks 6
Rare Earth Elements Recovery Using Food Waste 3
Remediation of PFAS-contaminated Soil and Sediment 2
Smartphones to Reduce Food Waste and Insecurity 5
Sorbent-Amended Caps for PFAS-Contaminated Sediments 5
Urban Food Lab: Composting Plastic in Aquaponics 2
Chemical Safety
Project Title Region
Nanoclay Reinforced Recycled HDPE to Replace PVC and PE Water Pipe Materials 3
Planet-friendly and Scalable Approach Towards 100% Recyclable Water- and Oil-resistant Paper 5
Waterborne NIPU Epoxy Hybrid Coating 5