Converting Crop Waste into Construction Material

University of California, Riverside, CA

University of California, Riverside, CA team photo
In the video below, we provide an explanation of the process behind the development cycle of turning raw straw material of wheat into a drywall replacement for gypsum. We also give an outline of testing procedures that will be conducted to provide good comparison between wheat straw material boards and traditional gypsum drywall.

Juniors and seniors at the University of California - Riverside interested in demonstrating greener alternatives for use in construction materials. Our project focuses on creating and evaluating wheat straw panel prototypes that will be used to replace traditional gypsum drywall. As well as developing a process to convert the raw material into useable panels, we are developing methods to obtain key physical, thermal, and chemical properties pertaining to the acquired wheat straw product.

EPA P3 Video Presentation

Poster (click to open a full size image): 
Converting Crop Waste into Construction Material poster

University of California-Riverside EPA P3 team project consists of the development and evaluation of raw wheat straw into suitable replacement for gypsum drywall. The focus will be on the Kraft process that will turn crop waste such as wheat straws, into usable core material for panel production. The panels will be evaluated to determine the viability of using these panels to create a greener alternative to traditional gypsum drywall.