Induction-Surface-Heating Membrane Distillation

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ

New Jersey Institute of Technology team
The video below showcases our updated results from this project activities including major experimental findings and student participation. Specifically, the team will present the membrane fabrication and characterization data and demonstrate the heating performances and distillation efficiency. Moreover, the induction heating principles and advantages are presented.

Project PI: Wen Zhang
Project lead: Weihua Qing
Master students: Indrayani Thakare
Undergraduate students: Luke Galan, Adam Nickelsto

EPA P3 Video Presentation

Poster (click to open a full size image): 
Induction-Surface-Heating Membrane Distillation poster

This project aims to develop a novel membrane distillation technology with induction heating to enhance the interfacial water vapor transfer at the membrane, increasing freshwater production, reducing heat loss and saving energy.