Practical PFAS Treatment with Sawdust

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH team photo
The video below describes our project goal to remove the PFAS contaminants from water and how our project relates to people, prosperity and the planet. It showcases how we functionalized the commercial sawdust into anion exchange resin and remove the PFAS compounds from water. Specifically, the video establishs our experimental results of adsportion kinetic and isotherms to indicate the high adsorption capacity of our fictionalized sawdust.

The student team consists of five undergraduate students (Cara Hall, Sincerrai Gentry, Carissa Nead, Graci Doll, and Canaan Harrison), one Master of Engineering student (Jinqi Liu) and one PhD student (Yu Zhang) from Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at UC.

EPA P3 Video Presentation

Poster (click to open a full size image): 
Practical PFAS Treatment with Sawdust poster

The poster provides the project goal to develop a new functionalized sawdust anion exchange resin for PFAS removal and to develop new cost-effective treatment processes using functionalized sawdust. The poster provides the details of our experimental results with sawdust functionalization, PFAS adsoprtion, adorption kinetic and adsoprtion isotherms, as well as our device setup for future column and combustion test. Our project enables the student team to identify the community issues in our drinking water system. Undergraduate students have been trained in the area of sustainability, analytical chemistry, process design and environmental protection.