Remediation of PFAS-contaminated Soil and Sediment

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ team photo
The video below provides an overview of the project's problem statement and objectives, a technical description for the proposed treatment approach, a summary of the research plan, and lists the tasks involved in the project. In this project, we are investigating the application of coupled high- and low frequency ultrasound irradiation for the destruction of PFAS in soil and sediments. Included in the video are demonstrations of the effects of both high and low frequency ultrasound and results achieved so far.

Our team consists of following individuals: Project Advisors: Jay Meegoda (PI), Lucia Rodriguez-Freire
Graduate Students: Jitendra Kewalramani, Boran Wang
Undergraduate Students: Richard Marsh and Brian McGlew

EPA P3 Video Presentation

Poster (click to open a full size image): 
Remediation of PFAS-contaminated Soil and Sediment poster

This poster describes the problem statement, provides information on the proposed treatment approach, details the environmental and socio-economic benefits, and gives the initial results and findings as well as summarizes anticipated results and findings. Preliminary results show the sorption behavior of PFOS and PFOA in several different soil types and the ultrasonic effectiveness of high frequency ultrasound at different power levels. Future results hope to show the effect of different clay types on PFAS sorption and demonstrate the feasibility of degrading PFOS and PFOA within solids using ultrasound.