Small-Scale Solar Desalination for Drinking Water

University of California, Riverside, CA

University of California, Riverside, CA team photo
The video describes the in-progress unit for small-scale solar desalination for drinking water and how it functions, as well as the motivations for water and expexted sociological and environmental impacts of the design. It notes how unit testing has begun and how we plan to create the full unit for application with coastal communities.

PI: Sundararajan Venkatadriagaram.
Environmental engineering undergrads: Hero Alexander, Laura Grigoryan, Valerie Ocampo, Philip Montoya, Jonathan Parker.
Mechanical engineering undergrads: Yazan Salameh, Ryan Deuling.

EPA P3 Video Presentation

Poster (click to open a full size image): 
Small-Scale Solar Desalination for Drinking Water poster

Explains project designed to provide potable water to citizens in areas where clean water is limited or non-existent. Shows progress for development and implementation of prototype flash distillation units capable of minimizing purifying sea-water and minimizing utility cost. Plans to create a standalone water purification system for single family use that is powered completely with solar energy and delivers 1000 L/d potable water.