Smartphones to Reduce Food Waste and Insecurity

Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, OH

Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, OH team photo
The video below describes how we utilized Campus Plate to address both food waste and food insecurity on college campuses. The video shows the pilot we ran in Spring 2021 and what the next steps are in this research.

Dr. Brian Krupp (PI), Dr. Franklin Lebo (Co-PI), Dan Fitzgerald (Computer Science Student), Dylan Johnson (Computer Science Student) Terrell McDowell (Business Information Systems Student), Leighton Medved (Digital Media and Graphic Design Student), Elizabeth Gifford (Sustainability: Business Administration Student), Hastings Marek (Applied Mathematics and Sustainability Student), Julia Gersey (Software Engineering Student)

EPA P3 Video Presentation

Poster (click to open a full size image): 
Smartphones to Reduce Food Waste and Insecurity poster

The poster describes the issue of food insecurity and food waste on college campuses and how we approached addressing this issue using a mobile platform. The poster describes the development and architecture of the mobile platform, Campus Plate, and how it addresses these needs. We discuss a pilot deployment of the app and the partnerships that made the pilot successsful. We then describe our next steps in this research project.